At a recent visit to my Dermatologist, he pointed between my eyebrows and said, “We can take care of those with Botox …” He handed me a mirror and left the room.

I sat staring at my forehead lines gained from years of thinking, contemplating, squinting into my computer.

After what felt like an eternity, the assistant came in and asked if I wanted to go ahead with the Botox.

“No,” I said. “I like these lines.”

“You do not like them,” she laughed mockingly.

“Goodbye,” I said, getting up. I go in for my annual visit to make sure my skin is OK, that the new spots are cancer-free, and I leave feeling small because I don’t want to have facial injections. SHEESH!

It played on me though. Over the next several days, I found myself at the mirror staring obsessively at the “flaws” I’d never seen before. Suddenly I looked old and tired. And while I was tearing myself apart, I noticed how fat I’d gotten. “I’m disgusting,” I thought.

I couldn’t sleep. I grabbed my belly fat and silently screamed at myself.

Feeling a bit otherworldly, as you will without sleep, an idea popped into my head. “What if I don’t look in a mirror for a month?”

I got up and Googled A MONTH WITHOUT A MIRROR. Several articles came up.

Winona Dimeo-Ediger tried it. She says, You will be nicer to your body. When you’re not constantly examining your body for flaws, it’s much easier to stop obsessing about how your body looks and focus instead on how your body feels.”

Autumn Whitefield-Madrano , a devotee of a month-without-a-mirror says, “Unburdened from some of my self-imposed (and likely invented) expectations, I realized exactly how much of my energy was going into appearing. Appearing to be interested, appearing to be womanly, appearing to be a professional, appearing to be pretty.”

If I were the last person on earth, would I look in a mirror and lament the extra pounds or the lines that are the map of my face? No. Would I be caught up in appearances? Nope.

Not ready to commit to a month without a mirror (job interviews would be a little funky), I’m trying a week.

I shrouded my mirrors and almost instantly a weight has lifted.

I feel my body and hear its needs.

Hungry; I feed myself. Thirsty; I get a drink. I take quick walks to re-energize. I wear clothes that are comfy.

For years I have failed to honor my body’s needs, caught up in appearing. I have let the story I create in front of the mirror depress me or impress me, depending on how my hair worked out or how my pants fit.

Mirrors covered, I’m getting looks that tell me my hair is out of control or my clothes are outrageous combinations! My reputation as well-put-together has been dashed, but I’m still standing..

I’m at ease, I’m comfortable, and I like the way I feel.


Go Somewhere New

When the Dalai Lama said, “Go somewhere new every year,” did he mean physically, spiritually, or mentally?

My sweetie, Tim, thinks he meant to mentally challenge yourself.

Spiritually speaking, I know I cover the same ground, over and over. I have learned the great lesson about presence I don’t know many times. But, if I get there from a different place in life, it it new?

Or maybe the wise man just meant, don’t always go to Hawaii for your vacation. Try a new place … and I’m overthinking it.

What do you think the Dalai meant? I’d love to hear about how you Going Somewhere New Every Year.

Inspiration Road Update

Well, I have some new lyrics I’m feeling pretty good about. Still need a second verse. Hoping to get the lyrics done before my 2 months in Des Moines so I can work with some musician friends (and my baby bro) to produce it.

Inspiration Road –2006 ©Dawnya Clarine

I’m lost on the same streets
I’ve driven down for years
Gutters are heaped with regret

My eyes on the rearview
I’m looking at what’s past
Heartache in stark silhouette

The street signs are Gargoyles
They block the scenic path
Vacant eyes dare me to try

I’m strapped in my small life
Ashtray full of doubts
Afraid to fail, afraid to fly

Then a voice says run the red light
Let destiny unfold
Find who you were born to be
On Inspiration Road

This is your life’s journey
Put the top down take it slow
Dreams painted on the centerline
On Inspiration Road

This road, this road, your road is Inspiration Road

Inspiration Road Continues …

Been an interesting week on this song.  I struggled to find the transition from verse to chorus.  The verse is emotionally low and I wanted the chorus to be more positive, filled with possibility. After several days of sitting with pen in hand, listening for the answer, it came.  The line “A voice says run the red light”  showed up on the page and I think it is working.

Inspiration Road      © Dawnya Clarine


I’m lost on the streets

I’ve driven down for years

Gutters heaped with regret

My eyes on the rearview

I’m looking at what’s past

Heartache in stark silhouette


The street signs are Gargoyles

Laughing as I pass

Point toward traps and dead ends


I’m strapped in my small life

Ashtray full of doubts

Burned up dreams I cannot mend  OR  Questioning just who I am  OR Question am I good enough  OR  Ask if I’m real or pretend


A voice says

run the red light

Let destiny unfold

Find who you were meant to be

On Inspiration Road


This road is

Your life’s journey

Put the top down take it slow

Dreams painted on the center line

On Inspiration Road

This road, this road, this road is Inspiration Road

Your road is Inspiration Road


© Dawnya Clarine

A little about me

Dawnya ClarineI’m a songwriter, singer, actor, writer, director, publisher, producer and workshop leader. I like to play. I like to have fun. I like to make people laugh.

My winding journey has taken me from fundraiser and event planner for non-profits; to owning an ad agency and film production company; to employee communications manager for an international DuPont company; to leading the creative efforts for the internet for Coldwater Creek; to project manager for Gander Mountain’s e-commerce, to performing songwriter and workshop leader. What a ride.

Through writing, performance, singing, and in the lyrics of my songs I connect with people on a wide range of emotions, about a myriad of life topics.

Recently I have been able to expand this connection through a songwriting workshop where I  help people reengage with their creative, playful sides. They begin seeing themselves in new, positive ways. And as they grow to trust themselves, me and the other participants, they open up their deepest selves to create lyrics that are full of soul and heart.