Inspiration Road (working title for the song I’m currently working on)

Inspiration Road (working title)

I’m lost on the streets I’ve traveled for years
Memories and history littering the curb

Eyes on the rearview, see only what I’ve passed
While my mind drives in circles over worn out thoughts and used up dreams

© Dawnya Clarine

A little about me

Dawnya ClarineI’m a songwriter, singer, actor, writer, director, publisher, producer and workshop leader. I like to play. I like to have fun. I like to make people laugh.

My winding journey has taken me from fundraiser and event planner for non-profits; to owning an ad agency and film production company; to employee communications manager for an international DuPont company; to leading the creative efforts for the internet for Coldwater Creek; to project manager for Gander Mountain’s e-commerce, to performing songwriter and workshop leader. What a ride.

Through writing, performance, singing, and in the lyrics of my songs I connect with people on a wide range of emotions, about a myriad of life topics.

Recently I have been able to expand this connection through a songwriting workshop where I  help people reengage with their creative, playful sides. They begin seeing themselves in new, positive ways. And as they grow to trust themselves, me and the other participants, they open up their deepest selves to create lyrics that are full of soul and heart.