Inspiration Road Update

Well, I have some new lyrics I’m feeling pretty good about. Still need a second verse. Hoping to get the lyrics done before my 2 months in Des Moines so I can work with some musician friends (and my baby bro) to produce it.

Inspiration Road –2006 ©Dawnya Clarine

I’m lost on the same streets
I’ve driven down for years
Gutters are heaped with regret

My eyes on the rearview
I’m looking at what’s past
Heartache in stark silhouette

The street signs are Gargoyles
They block the scenic path
Vacant eyes dare me to try

I’m strapped in my small life
Ashtray full of doubts
Afraid to fail, afraid to fly

Then a voice says run the red light
Let destiny unfold
Find who you were born to be
On Inspiration Road

This is your life’s journey
Put the top down take it slow
Dreams painted on the centerline
On Inspiration Road

This road, this road, your road is Inspiration Road


1 thought on “Inspiration Road Update

  1. “Ashtray full of doubts … then a voice says run the red light!” Dang, woman. That is brilliant writing.

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