5 Day Workshop Outline

Reengage Your Creativity Through Songwriting     Sandpoint, Idaho  March 26 – 30, 2014

Session 1    Wed  6-9 pm 

Wednesday night we begin to look at unwanted and out of date blocks, beliefs, negative talk and anything that keeps your creativity blocked. It is powerful and freeing.

Song title development (come tomorrow morning with your song title)

Session  2   Thur 8-11 am

We kick off this session with discussion about taking risks and using our senses in our writing.

Refine the title – dig deep, dig deeper

Title into a lyric – 20 questions, stream of consciousness writing, create word list, expand your word list

Bring your rough draft of 1st verse and chorus to session 3

Session 3    Thur  6-8 pm

We start off with some games that get you out of your head and free your intuition and creativity.

Song structure


Rhythm – develop the rhythm for your song, making sure the rhythms for verse and chorus are different. Bring to session 4

Session 4   Fri  8-10 am

Doodling and a sweet guided meditation will start off your day delightfully.


Focus sheet

Write your other verses and bridge. Bring to session 5

Session 5    Fri   6-8 pm

Tonight we look at what we want and what stops us.  You will gain a stronger sense of how to overcome your blocks to get more of the things you want in your life.


Prepare your lyric for melodic development

Session 6    Sat  8-11 am

Start your morning with some play and a little improv with the outcome of helping you see how amazing you are.

More about melody development

Develop your melodic line and work with Dawnya on chords

Session 7   Sat   Rest of Day

Work on song independently and with Dawnya as desired

Session 8   Sun   8 – noon        

Top secret creativity exercises.

Finish your song and share with group if you like.


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