I have used my voice for Singing, Radio and TV Voice Overs, Game Voice Overs, Musicals, Radio DJ, Jingles, Audio Books, Interviews and Guided Meditations. Feedback for voice work:  

Lemme know if I can lend my voice to your project.

Book Narration of Hero in Waiting by Tim Martin

Here are a couple of audiobook narrations of Mink River by Brian Doyle:

Lava Mountain Video Game VO: Fun and Sassy with an accent I created

Theme Songs

I was invited to write a version of “The Fabric of Our Lives” for Cotton, Inc. Here is what I came up with:

Theme song commissioned by the Association of Communiversities



A sweet note from Keith Brown of Crystal Sound in Des Moines, IA

Keith Brown

A cool note from LeeAnn. I hope she knows I was having the time of my life on that stage!


Here I am as a happy, chubby baby – which has nothing to do whatsoever with this Web site, but I kinda like the old photo!

Chubby Baby Dawnya


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