Be Here Right Now

I wrote a song about being here right now, about presence. The song is Breathe in Love. I recently saw it posted on a high school chum’s Facebook page. And it was a great reminder for me, the author of this song, to Breathe in Love, Breathe out Love, Be here right now, now, now.

I’d been forgetting and had piled a bunch of stress and self-loathing on my shoulders.

Aren’t we funny creatures? One day, we totally get it and are cruising along feeling great, staying present. And the next day, a great forgetfulness washes over us and we can’t conjure up a single, solitary thing to feel good about? How many times have I known how presence grounds me and fills me to my very essence with a peaceful joy. And how many times will I relearn this?

Today Derek Sivers reminded me, last week it was Carrie White. Maybe Breathe in Love is a mantra song and will help people (including me) to be here right Now, Now, Now.