The songs listed below are available for Sync or Licensing.  Please contact me if you’d like to visit about a song listed below or to commission an original song or score for your work.

I also enjoy lending my voice to projects.  Listen to Breathe in Love, He’s Free, Tonight and He’s a Cat to get the range and diversity of my abilities and sound. Get in touch.

Unknown And All Alone  (tearjerker, emotional, raw)
Stuck inside these grey walls
But it’s no safer here
Been inside these same walls
Alone forever here

If you see me you will free me,  I don’t wanna be, don’t wanna be
Will you see me, will you free me,  I don’t wanna be unknown, and all alone

Beautiful Eyes  (Sultry jazz)

Beautiful eyes, see to the heart of me
Beautiful eyes see to the soul of me
Beautiful eyes, find only the good in me
Your beautiful eyes, see me, free me, to be me

A Million Laugh Lines  (Think Jason Mraz with a Ukulele)  Note: a rough, live recording
I think that like a butterfly’s wings
A laugh right here today
Can start a wave of laughter
Ten thousand miles away

Let’s make a million laugh lines together
Let’s make a million laugh lines together
Life’s a playground when you laugh
Let’s make a million laugh lines together

Tonight by Duarte & Clarine  (Latin electronic meets airy vocals)

Way up here
We’re looking down on, The things that drown us
That hold us down, down, down, down, down

Way up here
Our troubles feel small  Like they’re not real at all
Let’s leave them down, down, down, down, down
Down, down, down, down, down

Way up here
Let’s stay up here
Stay up here

Breathe In Love   (reggae meets jazz, funky groove)

Breathe in love, breathe out love
Be here right now, now, now
All we have is right now, now, now
Live right now, now, now … right now

Is There Time  (wistful)

Little girl, arms stretched wide
Twirling, dancing, laughing
Little boy, dog at his side
Running, jumping, sharing
A smile

Look forward, look back
Look at yourself, who do you see?
Do you laugh, do you sing
Is there time to walk the dog today?

Tell Me  (easy sweet)

Tell me what’s good in your life
Tell me of your dreams
Tell me where you find happiness
Tell me

Tell me what you’re thinking
Tell me what you feel
Tell me anything you want
Please tell me

My eyes are open, my ears are open
Heart’s wide open, to take you in
I want to know you, know all about you
So trust me,     Tell me  Tell me

Our Mother  (easy beautiful)

The sun, gives her warmth and light
The moon’s her lover in a candlelit sky
She gives us life, gives all life
Our Mother

Why Am I  (soulful, vulnerable)

Forgotten how to laugh, forgotten how to cry
Floating along empty, watching life drift on by
Asking why, why…why am I?

He\’s Free   (easy going, happy, breezy vocals)

Whichever way the wind will blow
Seems that’s where he will go
Drifting on his secret sea

Can’t stay in one place too long
Or choose a favorite song
Say who he is or who he wants to be

I’m not complaining, he’s free
Guess I’m complaining, he’s free

Walking On Water  (upbeat, cool groove)

Woke up this morning, went for a walk
Surprised myself when I walked off the dock
But even more surprised, I didn’t sink
Not sure what happened, not sure what to think

And now I’m walking on water, telling the truth
I’m walking on water, turned my troubles loose yeah
I’m walking on water, its sinking in
I’m walking on water, I don’t have to swim

The current can’t take me where I don’t wanna go
I’m going my way, not with the flow
Maybe after a day goes by
I’ll run off the roof and learn how to fly

Could It Be More   (light, breezy)

Is it love or could it be more
Is it love or could it be more
Is it love or could it be more
I like to think that maybe it’s more

Is it love or are we just friends
Will the pain come if it should end
Is it love, does it have a name
Maybe baby, something we can’t explain

Little Girl Blue  (poignant heartfelt ballad)

A father’s warm smile, a mother’s tender touch
Things she never knew
A parent’s love just fantasy and dreams, no love for Little Girl Blue

A young love that meant everything to her
Stolen passion for him, then he flew
So love’s not love, it’s just loneliness and shame, no love for Little Girl Blue

Man On The Corner  (story song, sad, bluesy groove)

Man on the corner
Ancient guitar
Playing and singing for those passing by

Played with a passion
Pried from his soul
Always a look of peace in his eyes

Stop Tryin So Hard  (Bo Diddly beat meets Dave Mathews)

I wanna roar like a lion
Wanna yawn like a horse
I wanna float like a hippo
Wanna last like a tortoise

I wanna cry like an oak and that means not much at all
Just let it happen and then I’ll have it all

Stop tryin’so hard
Stop tryin’so hard
Stop tryin’so hard
It’ll come to me, I’ll have it all

Opposites Attract  (Jimmy Buffett only more sultry)

Can’t explain it
Together we’re more and that’s a fact
Like Yang and Yin, like saint and sin
Our opposites attract

He\’s A Cat  (playful jazzy, filled with double entendre)

Does what he wants, eat, sleep, play
Makes sure I don’t get in his way
Sometimes he gets it in his head
To help himself to my bed

No conflict of interest
Sure of his existence
‘Cause he’s a cat and I’m just me


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